Monday, July 28, 2008

Indonesia is trying to destroy its own tourist industry

I have a theory (a conspiracy theory really) based on my stay in Indonesia so far.
I have to write this up, as there’s some funny stuff going on here.

Firstly, all the prices of tourist accommodation have doubled in the past 6 months.
Fuel and food prices could be a factor. But all the locals say the police (that collect the taxes) have doubled the tax only on tourist locations.
The tax now makes over half of the price of the room!

Secondly; Surf board tax. What!! Indonesia is surfer’s Mecca. Its what Bali was built on. They know it. This is a strong message to surfers, and they are having second thoughts.

Thirdly: Visas. Gone are the days obtaining three months visas without hassles!
You have to beg for a 30 day visa now. Immigration are so rude they make me believe they don’t want you to visit anymore. How can you see the world’s largest archipelago in 30 days??
If you intend to stay in the country over ൩ months and extend ൨൧൧ visas you will need a FINGERPRINT now !!! If you have a social visa through Bali Mode you WILL HAVE TO RETURN TO BALI !!
NEW: Extending tourist visas from Bali costs four times more than the rest of Indo. ($100 for 30 days!) As the Immigration officers there are taking a fat profit at the expense of tourists.

Fourthly: Temporary importation tax. Indonesia is also famous for Sailing and the "Sail Indonesia" Rally in July. This year immigration will be charging each Yacht owner 50% of the original value of the boat on entry to Indonesia!
Chances of getting this back are slim.
Some people aren’t visiting anymore because they haven’t got that sort of money.

So why the effort to put tourists off visiting??

Answer: Bali !

I think the Bali bombings were a real political embarrassment for the government.
And I think it has put foreign investors and developers off.
Bali is not Java. Java holds power in Indonesia, Bali is not important for them.
Java can sacrifice the tourist industry (majority in Bali) for increased foreign investment.

But, it sucks for tourists!

Anyone know anymore.
Anyone disagree?

Let me know. Post comment

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bobby69 said...

Indonesia IS trying to destroy the tourist industry. I have been there a number of times and it gets worse and worse. Police picked me in in Indonesia this last time too and said I didnt have the dokuments to travel in Indonesia. I had a valid passport and 3 months prepaid tourist visa from Indonesian embassy in my country. Waste hours at that police station. They like to hassle tourists. Raja Ampat in West Papua was amazing though, it was extremely beautiful. Pristine forests and great corals. West and central Indonesia is becoming really fithy. The locals throw their garbage on the beaches. Fish are dying really terrible. West Papua however is the last paradise of Indonesia. Population still very low. Very clean and untouched.